Connected - Sativa - Lemonatti Live Sauce

this masterpiece came about through the union of gelonade and the classic biscotti. together they bring the heady sativa nature of the gelonade and the corporal hammer from biscotti, producing offspring that rivals its parents in both flavor and character. the gelonade’s bright citrus-fuel is complemented by the deep floral-hashy funk of the biscotti, resulting in a refreshing and satisfying experience. you’ll experience a great lift, helping focus and energy but can also can space out even the most seasoned smoker. this concentrate can be enjoyed from a dab rig, portable vape rig, or similar apparatus.

connected has been around long enough to try every cultivation method in order to provide the best, top-quality cannabis you can find. high end, designer strains are meticulously created using some of the most well-known strains to create brand new ones!

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