Buddies - Hybrid - Sour Berry Live Resin dab

starting with hand-selected strains of whole plant, fresh frozen cannabis enables buddies to lock in the raw expression of the cultivar and maximize the terpene and cannabinoid profile of the plant. buddies brings you uncut live resin, with no additives, distillate, or non-cannabis adulterants.

a combination of purple berry kush and sour diesel, sour berry carries a zesty grape profile with a pungent diesel that makes discreet smoking hard. expect euphoria and a blissful happiness that leaves you carefree and happy. sour berry can leave you couch-locked so smoke with discretion, especially if you are a new user. this concentrate can be enjoyed from a dab rig, portable vape rig, or similar apparatus.

buddies is a west coast cannabis brand rooted to the core elements of cannabis, with over 20 years of experience in cultivation and processing. buddies is a brand you can rely on to represent a genuine cannabis experience.

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